Writing is one of the things I excel at. I have a tenacity to simply sit down and churn out pieces. Whether it is writing blog posts, academic articles, strategic plans, or website copy, I can do it. Check out some excerpts and samples below:


UBC Arts – spotlight articles, featured profiles, research complications

Articles and profiles – http://wire.arts.ubc.ca/author/timmywong11/
Writing for the web – CASS Q&A series research doc
Research – 1st Year Options Videos Research Doc
Research – Academic Advising at Other Institutions

During my time at UBC Arts, I wrote how-to articles and featured profiles for the website. As well, I edited multiple parts of the Arts website, as many pages either needed updating or a change in wording. My attention to detail led to succinct and more comprehensible website copy, as well as broken links being repaired.
Another component to my UBC Arts term was that I researched and compiled data about how the university communicates to students compared to other institutions within UBC’s reach. I looked into two particular areas – how institutions conduct academic advising, and how institution reaches out to incoming freshmen.


Invoke Media – Eat St. episode recaps, how-to articles


While I was with Invoke Media, my main responsibility around the Eat St. blog was to keep it updated with relevant content and to contribute articles to it. I worked with 10 Silver Spoon contributors to ensure there were blog posts that were resourceful, fun, and informative. Initially, my role was to contribute posts targeting food truck vendors; however, as I assumed greater control of the blog from my managers, I developed several blog post series that would allow greater interaction between Eat St. and its fans.


Volunteer Richmond (VRIS) – media releases, featured profiles

Article – CIVC media release
Article – Summer WHAM (Wellness, Health, and More) media release
Profile – I Volunteer Fred Kohlberg
Profile – I Volunteer Sandra Gin

At Volunteer Richmond, one of my biggest learning opportunities came in writing newspaper articles. Following Volunteer Richmond’s contributions to the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, the agency wanted to continue its success in the community. In my role for the agency, I wrote news articles and feature stories that showcased local volunteers and VRIS programs. My efforts led to increased knowledge of what VRIS does in the community – one example being a sold-out audience at the VRIS signature event 2010 Summer Wellness, Health and More event.


Burns Bog Conservation Society – media releases, letter mail-outs, brochure copy, research complications

Donor letter – BBCS Donor Acquisition letter
Article – International Bog Days media release
Brochure – Membership brochure
Research – SFPR and Hoover/Naas Alternatives

At Burns Bog, I learned how to write copy at a corporate level. The Society added a communications specialist to its team in order to increase its presence and donor base. While I was with Burns Bog, I put together a letter mail-out package for Surrey/Delta residents persuading them to become regular donors, a research document that featured the BC Ministry of Transportation’s South Fraser Perimeter Road and its alternative plans, as well as media releases highlighting the Society’s special events. My efforts led to a 5% membership increase, research that the Society is using today in SFPR documents, and increased turnout at events.