I love sharing my expertise and knowledge with others. Naturally, one way to do so is through public speaking and presentations. Whether it is delivering product updates to groups of 15, or presenting seminars to over 200 undergraduate students, I have the presentations skills needed for today’s organizations. Check out some of my sample works:


Engaging Students With Social Media – October 2011

I was asked by the Co-Chairs of the UBC Arts Career Expo (ACE) to deliver a 60-minute presentation on the basics of social media, and how ACE could use social media to its full potential. 12 members of the planning committee were present, and as a result, the committee learned more about the various channels of opportunity, as well as platforms such as Hootsuite. The planning committee hired me shortly after to lead its social media efforts for the event.


Engaging Students Using @UBC_Arts – May 2011

In my role in UBC Arts Communications, I led a short presentation for 15 staff members on Twitter and how UBC Arts is using it. Because of the diversity of the faculty and the different stakeholders involved, this presentation allowed staff members to understand more about how their work was being shared with the general community, and how they could engage better with students.


Getting Your Head StARTS – September 2011

As part of my work in UBC Orientations, I led a 90-minute seminar for over 200 freshmen on university life and what to expect at UBC. I collaborated on this presentation with 2 other session facilitators. As a result, students left feeling more prepared for their academic work and social involvement on campus.


Effective Resumes and Cover Letters – January 2010

I delivered this presentation in January 2010 to over 35 student participants in the UBC Arts Tri-Mentoring Program. For the students, this was one of the components in their program that required them to understand how to put together a resume and cover letter. Students left the seminar with a greater knowledge of how to prepare a job application.